Thank you for hosting a Thorsson for Congress house party! These parties are crucial to our campaign, as they build a relationship between Desmond and the community he wants to serve. They also play an important role in recruiting volunteers and raising funds for the campaign. With each house party, we strengthen our message of bold independence!

So, you’re ready to plan your party. Before the event, make sure to follow this checklist:

  1. Register your party by emailing so the campaign will know the party’s happening and can help you if need be. The party can be held at your house, a local community center, a restaurant, etc. – just make sure to reserve the space before sending your invitations!
  2. Make a guest list and send out invitations. Invite people via phone, e-mail, snail mail, or social media, but always make sure to invite at least twice as many people as you want to attend!
  3. Follow up with your invitees and confirm their RSVP. Make sure that everyone you invited is contacted at least once before the party. If the response is low, invite more people (letting friends bring friends is always encouraged!)
  4. Appoint a Door Host for the event. This person will be responsible for keeping a sign-in sheet of guests as they arrive; collecting contributions and volunteer cards, and distributing materials. If possible, the Door Host should set up a spot near the entrance to streamline the process. The Door Host should arrive a half-hour early.
  5. Get the gear. Buy/prepare enough food and beverages for all confirmed attendees. Print out some flyerssign up sheetsvolunteer forms, and donation forms before the party.  Be sure to contact the campaign so we can outfit you with some campaign merchandise!
  6. During the party, make sure to ask your guest if they can make a contribution to the campaign. Remind them that we refuse money from special interests and rely on support from people like them! Make sure that everyone who donates fills out a form. You can even bring out a computer and ask people to make a secure online donation.
  7. After asking for donations, ask if anyone will volunteer for the campaign. Again, remind them that we are powered by people, and volunteers are what drive our campaign. People who are interested in volunteering should fill out a form – either the paper form you printed out or our online form.
  8. Thank your guests for coming/donating/volunteering. Of course, don’t forget to have a good time!
  9. Share the event! Have a computer accessible to bring a multimedia experience to the party! Send us a quick Tweet or share pictures/videos of the party on Facebook! We always love seeing how these parties go!

So now the party’s over… or is it?

After the party, send all contributions, sign-in sheets, and volunteer forms to the campaign at PO Box 3491, San Francisco, CA 94119. Or let us know and we’d be happy to send a representative to pick them up from you! Any leftover buttons, stickers, and campaign literature is yours to keep, so long as you promise to hand it out to your friends and neighbors!

Thanks again for putting together a party for the campaign! We may say it a lot, but we always mean it when we say we cannot do it without you!