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This week's video isn't a video, but an interview with Desmond on The Balanced Approach/Politution with Dean Latham!

Friends and neighbors,

Many of you know me from my time spent with you through television programs. Some of you remember me from our daily conversations on radio networks. Others know me from my work with the Coast Guard Auxiliary or the other civic organizations where I developed and contributed my skills and leadership.

While bringing the future to your living room on your TV and radio, I enjoyed something rare in broadcast media: the freedom of independence. The network that brought you those shows was an entity of its own, dedicating themselves to the integrity and importance of their mission. I was in a position where I was vetting a significant amount of new information, separating the signals from the noise, and bringing you the most important stories that changed the world we live in.

Executive directors took a chance on someone they knew would do this in a way that had never been done before. There were times when I had to fight to defend my position, and it was worth it. There was no way I could have done that job properly without the faith and trust that the network showed in me. It wasn't always easy, but I had the freedom to deliver the truth with integrity, honesty, and no undue interference.  All signal, no noise.

Today, in our Capitol, the need for this kind of thinking in is much greater.  Our country's leadership has devolved into a two-sided shoving match, turning the Art of Compromise into the Art of War.  Our system of binary politics has put voters in a position where we now vote against candidates instead of for them. Special interests bankroll our elections and drive the national conversation under the ruling that 'money is speech' and 'corporations are people'.

And what do we have to show for it?  Fewer jobs, greater income inequality, outdated infrastructure, rising health costs, a sub-par educational system, and a nation constantly living in the looming shadow of the latest debt ceiling crisis or impending overnment shutdown.  While our elected officials and their heavy-handed patrons in Washington are winning, we the People have been losing. The wager is that you won't know the difference. I think that you do know, but that you don't see any good options.

It's time to put them on notice.  We are Americans, raised to believe that independence and integrity are sacred, justice is served, and virtue is honored.  We are the ones with the power to vote, and we must use it to build a better future, where the American promise belongs to the hands of the many, not the pockets of the few.  We are the ones who can show the country – and the world – what unique solutions and fearless independence really mean from the city that has turned innovation into an industry.

That is why I am placing my name on the ballot as an independent candidate for the office of California's 12th District's Representative to the U.S. House.

I ask you to stand with me as we win with a clean campaign, free of undue influence by accepting only individual contributions. This is the only way to properly serve the people of San Francisco and the United States from a position of advantage over special interests, of independence from unclear sources of funds. A position of leadership in Congress beholden to the people alone.

I'm Desmond Thorsson. I'm your neighbor, and I'm running for Congress.