Good Governance – I believe that the size of government does not matter, so long as it acts efficiently, effectively, and in the best interest of its People. I am in a unique position where I can – and will – put the nation’s long-term interests ahead of personal or political gain. If elected, I would be beholden to my country, not any party or interest group.

Fiscal Responsibility – I am committed to putting the nation on a sound and sustainable fiscal path. I recognize that this will require a combination of revenue increases, spending cuts, and reforms to various agencies and programs. Our government’s practice of ‘kicking the can’ and leaving the bill for future generations must come to an end.

Commitment to Economic Opportunity – The role of government in regards to the economy is threefold: Create an environment for the private sector to promote prosperity and innovation; provide a meaningful safety net for the American workforce and its retirees; and ensure that every American has equal opportunity to achieve his or her economic potential.

Environmental Responsibility – Global climate change is real, and it is a threat to the United States and the international community. I promise to act as a steward for future generations, and will support international efforts to reduce carbon emissions, as well as practical domestic energy policies that promote the development of alternative energy sources.

Social Tolerance – It is not government’s job to meddle in the strictly private behavior of its citizens. I will work to heal America’s sharp division on social issues, rather than exploiting them for political advantage, so that we may focus on not-so-divisive issues that impact us all.

Pragmatism – Governing a nation of over 300 million people is inherently difficult, and making policy is no walk in the park. I pledge to support good legislation, no matter which side of the aisle it comes from. I will use the US Constitution as my guide, both in behavior and in policy. I will strive to restore a vibrant democracy, where collaboration and compromise pave the way to strong and sensible policy.